All of our trusses are made of southern yellow pine only

We can manufacture and deliver roof trusses 70' & slightly longer

Engineered sealed drawings are available upon request

Ideal for use in residential, commercial, and agricultural structures


Pole Barn- 40' x 80' - Montgomery County, KY- February 2010 



Facts & Advantages of Roof Trusses

·         Roof Trusses are used in 80% of new construction homes in U.S.

·         Truss roof systems save onsite labor cost because of quick installation.

·         Roof Trusses can eliminate interior bearing columns and walls because trusses are self supporting.

·         Roof Trusses can be engineered and built in a wide variety of distances and sizes which offers versatility to builders and homeowners.

·         One of the primary benefits to truss construction is the ability to span much longer distances than with traditional stick framing. Because trusses are designed by engineered programs, they are also safer and more reliable than alternative materials

·         Trusses eliminate the guess work of stick frame load bearing.  There is no more, “I think it will hold.” With a properly designed and installed roof truss from Caudill Truss & Metal, it will hold for years.


The common misconception about roof trusses concerns attic and storage area.  Some people think that an attic or storage area is not an option if roof trusses are selected for a structure.  However, most people do not know that attic trusses are available and are very dependable structures. 

Attic  Truss